Invitation to the “Robinhood” Team to Participate in the “Erasmus Entrepreneurship Program” to be held in Estonia or Croatia

A workshop on entrepreneurship, investment, and growth was held on May 31 by the IZTECH Education Directorate and hosted by Teknopark Izmir. Among the more than 80 IZTECH students who took part, nine photonics students are listed below. 
İlgim Efetürk, Undergraduate 4th Year
Melike İnandı, Undergraduate 3rd Year
Arian Taeidi, U Cem Gürses Undergraduate 2nd Year
Elifşan Hazar, Sena Kavas, Yusuf Emre Soylu, Undergraduate 1st Year
Ozan Deniz Aguş, Ilgın Şerifoğlu, Preparatory Class
In the competition about innovative ideas and the transformation of these ideas into practice, 10 teams participated, and the “Robinhood” team, of which our department student İlgim Efetürk is a team member, won a free invitation to participate in the ‘Erasmus Entrepreneurship Program’ to be held in Estonia or Croatia. 
We would like to thank Associate Professor Rosen Dimov from Pannonia University, who gave training in the workshop, and wish our students success.