Curriculum of The B. Sc. Program

First Semester                                             
Course CodeCourse NameCreditsECTSPRCD/CRCD 
PHOT 100Introduction to Photonics(3+0) 35None 
PHYS 101General Physics I(2+2) 36None 
PHYS 111General Physics Laboratory I(0+2) 12None 
CHEM 121General Chemistry I(3+0) 35None 
CHEM 141General Chemistry Laboratory I(0+2) 12None 
MATH 101Precalculus(2+0) NC2None 
MATH 141Basic Calculus I(3+2) 45None 
ENG 101Development of Reading and Writing Skills I(3+0) 33None 
Total 1830  
Second Semester                                         
Course CodeCourse NameCreditsECTSPRCD/CRCD 
PHOT 110Introduction to Programming(2+2) 34None 
PHYS 102General Physics  II(2+2) 36None 
PHYS 112General Physics Laboratory II(0+2) 12None 
CHEM 122General Chemistry  II(3+0) 35None 
CHEM 142General Chemistry Laboratory II(0+2) 12None 
MATH 142Basic Calculus II(3+2) 46None 
ENG 102Developing Reading and Writing Skills II(3+0) 33None 
GCC 101Career Planning and Development(2+0) NC2None 
Total 1830  
Third Semester                                           
Course CodeCourse NameCreditsECTSPRCD/CRCD 
PHOT 201Fundamentals of Optics and Photonics I(4+0) 45None 
PHOT 211Fundamentals of Optics and Photonics Laboratory I(0+4) 25None 
MATH 255Differential Equations(4+0) 46None 
MATH 241Calculus III(3+2) 45None 
TURK 201Turkish Language I(2+0) NC2None 
HIST 201Principles of Atatürk I(2+0) NC2None 
ELS1Non-Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
Total 1730  
Fourth Semester                                         
Course CodeCourse NameCreditsECTSPRCD/CRCD 
PHOT 202Fundamentals of Optics and Photonics II(4+0) 46None 
PHOT 212Fundamentals of Optics and Photonics Laboratory II(0+4) 26None 
PHOT 222Fundamentals of Quantum Photonics(2+2) 37None 
PHOT 232Mathematical Methods in Photonics(2+2) 37MATH101 and MATH141 
TURK 202Turkish Language II(2+0) NC2None 
HIST 202Principles of Atatürk II(2+0) NC2None 
Total 1230  
Fifth Semester                                             
Course CodeCourse NameCreditsECTSPRCD/CRCD 
PHOT 301Quantum Photonics(2+2) 35MATH141 and MATH142 
PHOT 313Electromagnetic Waves for Photonics(3+0) 35PHYS 102 
PHOT 321Applied Electronic(2+2) 35None 
PHOT 331Molecular Photonics I(3+0) 35CHEM 121 
ELT1Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
ELS2Non-Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
Total 1830  
Sixth Semester                                            
Course CodeCourse NameCreditsECTSPRCD/CRCD 
PHOT 304Solid State Optics(3+0) 35None 
PHOT 320Optoelectronics(3+0) 35None 
PHOT 322Optoelectronics Laboratory(0+4) 25None 
PHOT 332Molecular Photonics II(3+0) 35CHEM 122 
ELT2Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
ELS3Non-Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
Total 1730  
Seventh Semester                                       
Course CodeCourse NameCreditsECTSPRCD/CRCD 
PHOT 400Summer Internship I(0+2) 15Nome 
PHOT 412Introduction to Biophotonics(3+0) 35Nome 
PHOT 421Introduction to Lasers(3+0) 35Nome 
ELT3Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
ELT4Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
ELS4Non-Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
Total 1630  
Eighth Semester                                          
Course CodeCourse NameCreditsECTSPRCD/CRCD 
PHOT 498Graduation Project(0+6) 310None 
ELS5Non-Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
ELT5Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
ELT6Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
ELT7Technical Elective Course(3+0) 35None 
Total 1530  
Grand Total 131240