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The Optics and Photonics Society, established and managed by our undergraduate students, actively conducts various activities. Recordings of the seminars they organize and the ‘Photonics from the Perspective of Undergraduate Students’ videos can be found on their YouTube channel. Additionally, they conduct interviews with professionals working in optics and photonics-related industries. You can access the industry interviews conducted by the Optics and Photonics Society and videos introducing our department through the links below.


The opportunities provided through the mandatory internship and cooperative education (CO-OP) course in our department, as well as the institutions and organizations where our students have worked, are detailed below. Additionally, information regarding the career paths of our graduates is provided in the section about our alumni.

Internship and Cooperative Education Course (CO-OP)

Students of the Department of Photonics are required to complete an internship in order to complete their 4-year undergraduate education.

The internship period is at least 30 working days and cannot be divided into more than one internship. Department of Photonics Internship course is listed as PHOT400 following the 8th semester. Students who meet the necessary conditions do their internship in businesses operating in the field of photonics, with the approval of the responsible faculty member.

The general purpose of the internship is to develop the practical knowledge and experience of the students in addition to the theoretical knowledge gained within the Department of Photonics, to gain knowledge and experience about the use of the acquired knowledge in the sector.

In addition to the mandatory internship, our department offers the cooperative education course (CO-OP) coded PHOT499. The aim of this course is to provide students with knowledge about photonic applications and to reinforce this knowledge with practical experience in industrial facilities.

The table below lists the institutions, organizations, and research groups where our students have completed internships and worked as part of the CO-OP course.

Our Graduates

For our Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. graduates; post-graduation employment durations, industries they work in, positions they hold, and countries they work in have been summarized with graphics. Click here to access the detailed report.