2023-2024 Academic Year Technical Excursions – Vestel Electronics Inc.

On May 2nd, 2024, with a group of undergraduate students who enrolled PHOT 444 Nanotechnological Energy Applications course, a technical trip to the Europe’s largest electronics factory, the Vestel has been organized. 

The trip was hosted by Dr. Serap YİĞEN and Orkun ÖZEN from R&D Department, Gökçe Tuba ŞAHİN from HR department. The attendees of the trip debriefed on different display technologies that the company is working on, had the opportunity of visiting the company’s production lines, test environments of displays and R&D units.

The magnificent sculpture exhibition created with waste materials from Vestel Electronics Inc. and featured inside the factory was a delightful demonstration of how Art and Science are inseparable parts of a whole.

We would like to thank all the employees and researchers of Vestel Electronics Inc.