Seminar by Dr. Mehdi Saedi from Leiden University

May 27, 2020

Tittles from Dr. Saedi’s talk: Research background:
  • Nanostructure formation using electrochemical methods:
Electrodeposition of magnetic nanowire arrays using AAO photonic crystal template.
  • Multiscale simulation of electrochemical processes:
Coupled Kinetic Monte Carlo – Finite Difference modeling of electrodeposition process.
  • Nanostructure formation using UHV methods:
STM studies of modified semiconductor surfaces.
  • Theoretical studies of nanostructure formation in UHV:
Improving the manufacturing and reflectivity of EUV multilayer mirrors.
  • Current project in Leiden university:
In situ optical studies of 2D-matreial formation on liquid metals catalyst. Research outlook:
  • Direct separation of 2D-materials from the surface of liquid metal catalysts.
  • In situ optical studies of nanomaterial formation at fluid-fluid interfaces.