Fotonik Semineri

On-chip Surface Tension Induced Microresonator Arrays for Large Scale Microphotonics Applications


Dr. Erol Özgür
İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent Üniversitesi


Surface tension induced microcavities (STIMs) are optical microresonators
with substantially diminished surface roughness values, produced by the
virtue of thermodynamics compelling materials to have the minimum surface
energy possible at their molten states. These whispering gallery mode (WGM)
type microresonators, where light travels in the vicinity of their
circumference, have an enhanced capacity for storage of optical power
compared to their microfabricated counterparts, since optical loss due to
surface scattering is thus eliminated. Diversified applications of STIMs
span from optical biosensing to quantum electrodynamics, and also macroscale
quantum mechanical observations, successfully and impressively demonstrated
in well-defined laboratory conditions; however, their anticipated
large-scale applications failed to emerge and penetrate into commercial
This talk is related to various strategies aiming to realize the potential
of optical microcavities, enabling large scale microphotonics applications.
The first part will describe a novel surface modification method in order to
perform optical biosensing in complex media. The selectivity obtained via
this method enhances the applicability of microphotonic devices for
The second part will be about a new method for production of on-chip STIMs
in large quantities, with a considerable potential of all-optical
integration and multiplexing.
Besides, this method also enables embedding functional nanostructures, such
as fluorescent nanodiamonds and quantum dots, inside these microcavities,
which is a significant improvement compared to placing nanostructures over
microresonators. These nanoparticle optical microcavities could pave the way
for various unprecedented discoveries and applications related to

Yer:  Fen Fakültesi, Kimya Bölümü, Seminer Salonu
Tarih: 24 Ekim 2016, Pazartesi
Saat: 14:30