Seminars in Photonics

On-chip Photonic High-throughput Quantitative Bioanalysis

Dr. Serap Aksu
ETH Zurich, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering

Plasmonics enables us to detect biological molecules even in extremely minute amounts using sub-wavelength light confinement and enhancement near metallic surfaces. Coupled with microfluidics, these detection techniques can lead to powerful methods to quantify molecules in situ and in real time. In this talk I will first present a versatile nanopatterning method for low-cost, high-resolution fabrication of plasmonic biosensors, even on unconventional substrates. The fabricated biosensors improve the capabilities of conventional vibrational spectroscopy to unprecedented levels. Secondly, I will introduce a novel optofluidic platform to quantify the secretion of cell signaling molecules in a high-throughput manner using the case of single immune cell as an example. These microfluidic devices are based on membrane valve technology and thus are fully automated, and allow measurements in parallel. This concept of lab-on-a-chip is developing fast and is likely to be the basis for next generation of point of care devices in the healthcare industry.

Yer: Fen Fakültesi, Kimya Bölümü Seminer Salonu
Tarih: 7 Aralık 2016, Çarşamba
Saat: 14:30