Seminars in Photonics

Semiconductor Nanoparticles, Semiconductor Thin Films For Future Photonic Devices: Toward Low Cost Innovations in the Field of Nanophotonics

Dr. Sabri Alkış
ODTÜ-Mikroelektromekanik Sistemler Araştırma ve Geliştirme Enstitüsü


In this presentation, uses of semiconductor nanoparticles and semiconductor thin films as active components in next generation photonic devices will be discussed. Present day photonic devices (photodetectors) are usually made of InGaAs which is an expensive material and it requires complicated growth techniques which take place inside the vacuum chamber at elevated temperatures. However, low cost innovative solutions exist in order to replace the expensive components of present day photonic devices such as using semiconductor nanoparticles and semiconductor thin films. Firstly, the synthesis of semiconductor nanoparticles in massive scale (gram scale) and the stability of these nanoparticles in harsh environments will be discussed. Secondly, spectroscopic analysis of these nanoparticles, and their use as active components and as plasmonic enhancers in next generation UV, UV/VIS and NIR range photodetectors, commercial solar cells and UV LED chips will be given. Then, the synthesis of semiconductor thin films such as ZnO and Si/Ge through various material growth techniques including the atomic layer deposition (ALD) will be presented. The analysis of semiconductor thin films are performed using Focused Ion Beam Microscopy (FIB) and therefore, some illustrations will be given regarding the analysis of semiconductor thin films using FIB. Proof of concept photodiodes based on these semiconductor thin films will also be demonstrated. Discussions of performances of these photonic devices compared to present day photonic devices will be made.

Yer: Fen Fakültesi, Kimya Bölümü Seminer Salonu
Tarih: 16 Kasım 2016, Çarşamba
Saat: 14:30